Taming the Procurement Tornado

Speeding Complex Categories to Market with Fewer Hands on Deck

How to make getting to market with complex categories more of a breeze, despite dwindling resources and the challenges of using automation. LogicSource explains how procurement professionals in the eye of the storm can manage and monitor the full relationship cycle with the help of OneMarket’s intuitive tools; from sharing complex specifications, receiving quotes, placing the business and managing the logistics of distribution. more

Eureka! Big Insights From Big Data

How Analytics Empowers Sustainable Sourcing and Procurement

It’s time to get the spend visibility and the actionable intelligence you demand from what your data systems capture. Learn how OneMarket clients get clarity and control over what they’re buying and at what price,  including market price comparisons and savings performance per category. more

Walk Through Walls

Integrating The Concept-to-Customer Business Process

Previously, distinctive departments worked in their own silos handing off “completed” goals. Now the barriers are broken, and everyone in the marketing support and procurement continuum are not only on the same page – everyone can see it in real time. By uniting previously disconnected business processes, OneMarket technology enables dramatic efficiencies that increase each team’s availability to meet timelines and budgets and quality standards. more

There is a Better Way

Saas Solutions = Ability + Agility – Capex

The rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will herald the eventual delivery of enterprise applications as web-hosted services via a browser. The LogicSource solution enhances this idea to empower clients with new innovative capabilities through the OneMarket platform - but without the cost normally required for an enterprise investment. more

A Dam for Productivity

The Five Keys to Digital Asset Management (DAM) Adoption

The fear of change can stifle success. Deploying Digital Asset Management (DAM) at the heart of a methodical, well planned approach can make it easier to win hearts and minds, and to execute and implement lasting, positive change. When everyone has access to a standardized repository of assets, accuracy, retrievals, approval processes and workflow all benefit. more