Who We Are

Purpose-Built Technology for Complex Categories of Spend

OneMarket® from LogicSource is the only cloud-based technology solution that empowers business stakeholders and their suppliers to collaborate and streamline the processes to create, approve, source and procure complex spend categories such as commercial print, flexible and rigid packaging; as well as retail operations items, including fixtures, flooring and lighting.

How We Think

From Concept-to-Customer in One Platform

We designed OneMarket to break down the walls between business units involved in driving new marketing and merchandising projects to market faster. By streamlining workflow and affording everyone total transparency, OneMarket improves consistency, continuity and compliance, while reducing risk and cost. We call this end-to-end process automation Concept-to-Customer, and it enables every stakeholder to shift the sourcing equation in their favor.

Who We Empower

Making Workflow Work and Flow

OneMarket is specifically architected to provide process efficiencies to every stakeholder along the Concept-to-Customer continuum:

  • Creatives, marketers and merchandisers – Ubiquitous access to a metadata-rich digital asset management repository for easy search and retrieval, intuitive work-in-progress e-proofing workflow that empowers rapid creative design approval management, plus versioning and dynamic publishing capabilities.
  • Sourcing and Procurement teams – Complete visibility into upstream processes and transitions; an expert e-procurement module enabling category managers to manage the sourcing and purchasing activities for complex goods.

Our Integrated Solution

Marketing Production, Merchandising, Sourcing and Procurement, Empowered


OneMarket e-Procurement is the technology which drives the sourcing and procurement process, providing transparency, simplifying compliance, increasing sourcing options and letting you collaboratively manage your supply chain.


OneMarket Analytics creates insightful business intelligence that details what was bought, from whom, by whom and for how much. Users can create their own dashboards and reports to identify and analyze trends in your spend, allowing for continuous process improvement within spend aggregation, supplier rationalization and price benchmarking.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

OneMarket DAM is the central repository for all your digital assets capturing comprehensive metadata which is integrated with our powerful e-proofing technology – allowing you to manage the creative approvals workflow, provide soft proofing annotation and maintain integration with our e-Procurement technology.

Dynamic Publishing

OneMarket Dynamic Publishing ensures brand compliance and management while driving the output of flexible, template-driven local marketing content.